Now that you have selected your puppy, there are several things to think about to prepare for his or her arrival. Here are some things you might want to have ready:

CRATE: Even if you plan to have the new baby sleep in your bed, it is a good idea to have a crate. Dogs like to be in a den, and will be much more comfortable in a crate than locked in another room or area when its not convenient to be underfoot, or when you need to be gone.

I also have available the stuffed puppies with a simulated heartbeat, and they make a surprising difference with the new puppy settling down in its new home without crying,

TOILET TRAINING SUPPLIES; Wipes, clean up products, puppy pads, and poo bags for when you are not at home. We include in our go-home kit a holder and roll of bags.  Bags make it easy to clean up your lawn, and your neighbor will appreciate them in case your puppy goes next door! Always clean up after your pet!

FOOD: We send a bag of the food we are using along with the puppy to ease the transition to your home. If you prefer a different food, mix with our food to transition without upsetting his stomach, or refusing the new food.

EQUIPMENT AND TOYS: Here is where there seems to be an endless list! We include a small toy or two of the type your puppy likes to play with.  You might consider a carrier if your puppy is one of our tinier breeds. And all puppies like to chew, regardless of size, so a few chew toys might save a lot of things in your home that little teeth can damage.

GROOMING: Research your breed to get the proper grooming tools, but all will need shampoo, ear cleaning solution, nail clippers and a toothbrush. We include a toothbrush along with instructions on getting your puppy to enjoy maintaining good dental health,


We feel that one of the main causes of dogs going to shelters is behavior problems. We work to start your puppy in a lifetime of learning good behavior. Start working with him as soon as you get home. I can't say enough about the usefulness of the training program Baxter & Bella! It is a huge investment in the well-being of not only yourself, but your puppy! A well trained puppy is a happy puppy, and will make your life together so much easier! Sign up with, and use my coupon code CRC25 for25%off! They even have information on preparing for your new puppy. Use lots of treats, play and praise to keep learning interesting. It is never too soon to start training. We use several products to assist in our training, and  we include a clicker in each bag.

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